Sustainability Programme

10% of our profits go back to our community initiatives. Every item you buy will be invited into our making our shows,  replanting forests, building Rainforest Communities and saving wildlife from extinction

Made in 100% cotton (biodegradable)


Sweatshop free 

Our ethos is the belief that each of our as Born to be Wild, and that our well-being thrives in its primordial, where  we learn from our greatest teacher, nature. Yet over half of the world's rainforests have already been destroyed, along with the homes for Rainforest Communities and Wildlife and this has a greater consequence on both our health and survival on the planet. 


Documentaries such as 'The True Cost ' show fast fashion and its negative costs on the environment, we call for our conscience awakening to decide not just where we invest our money but in what we decide to wear, know how its sourced and what we are putting on our skin. Wouldn't you want to wear a message that you believe in? material that is eco-friendly and biodegrades back into the earth instead of increases textile waste heaped into poor countries? to wear material that loves your skin and that is not designed with toxic chemicals that irritate your skin and affect your health? wouldn't you love to wear apparel that makes a positive difference to the lives of animals, to promoting a healthy active lifestyle and saves our planet?

Our Shop, Shows and Educational Work is our call to action! Our solution as a small company is to enable empowering opportunities for you to lead with your Wild Voice and to make a positive difference in the world.  Join our Dance Family and  deepen your connection to the wild, and  tap into your inner Wild Being. Every contribution and interaction you make with us helps to create our Dance Company with a Difference. 


When you contribute to our Born Wild Movement Culture, we can create Wild Workshop for you and build our Immersive Rainforest Productions.

When you contribute to our Wild Women Culture, we create Dance Workshops to empower vulnerable women and build collectives of Women to create powerful Pole and Dance Shows to embrace our divine feminine spirit.

When you contribute to our Rainforest Conscience Projects, your contribution helps to plant a tree, to protect the home of a threatened Rainforest Community or a Wildlife Species from the threat of extinction.

Take advantage NOW of our Forest Friendly Gifts. Learn more about the clothing industry and our environment by watching 'The True Cost' and 'Before the Flood' on Netflix and Youtube

Be the Change


We love to see you wear our products. Tag us under  Heart Warriors | Forest Warriors #rainforestconsciencetees

If you would like to support our work, help us make a diffference with dance. Head over to 


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Photography Fiona Trevitt

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